What I Learn In Working Remotely

May 1, 2019 (5y ago)

I’ve been working remotely for almost 2 years and it one the best thing happens in my life.

It’s kind of weird at first since other people are going to the office every morning. People think that you’re jobless since most of the time you stayed at home.

These are the things that I learn in remote working and how to improve it.


Work from home is quite lonely. Unless you’ve married or lived with your family. But you still need to interact with another human.

Solution: Work at the coffee shop or coworking space. Have a place to separate your workplace and bedroom. Have a non-work conversation with your colleague.


If you’re working in a remote team, you’ll realize that communication is one of the big issues. You don’t have your manager or office colleague to tap on if you have any questions.

The only solution is to contact them through the internet. If they are working at the same timezone then the communication is much easier. If not, then you may need to find some overlap hour and provide some context first about your question.

Solution: Over communicated. Use your slack status or have a video call with your colleague. Writing skill is important in remote working.


You can control your time. You can start working at 10 am or 8 am, it depends on you. As long the work is done, then everything gonna is fine.

We’re not gonna work 8 hours straight. Use your productive time to focus on high-value tasks first.

Solution: Be disciplined. Have a fixed time working hour. Example: Work 2 - 3 hours before lunch and another 2 hours after lunch.

Have more free time

You’ll realize that you have so much free time after you’ve finished your work.

You may wanna use this free time to work on other things. It could go to the gym, cook your meals, spent with your family and so on.

Enjoy life outside of your work. Embrace it.

Location Independent

As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be fine.

You may wanna use this advantage to travel and work in a different place. I’ve been working from my hometown every 2 months.