What I Learn From Bakuman

February 18, 2020 (4y ago)


Bakuman is of the manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata I found this manga when I was 15 years old. I've got a bad result in my exam (PMR), and I felt so useless. When I was surfing on the internet, I found this new manga and I started to read it. The story is so good. The moment I read it, I felt so pumped. After read the manga, I decided to learn how to draw manga. You're right; I'm influenced by this manga. I worked every single night practicing to draw and learn how this manga works. I bought books from Gempakstar that teach on how is the process of making a comic.

Unfortunately, the art didn't stay long, and I continue with my school life. Until last month, I started to watch this anime again, and surprisingly it keeps giving me the same passion when I was 15 years old. My passion is not drawing art, but its building web stuff. These are what I learned after watching this anime.

Don't give up

Mashiro and Shujin work very hard to achieve their dream to becomes a mangaka and having an anime. After several failures in writing a manga, they still keep going. Although they are getting serialized and it doesn't mean that the manga will be getting an anime adaption. You either learn, or you lose. Learn from your mistakes and keeps going.

Surround yourself with someone in your industry

Lose faith in your works? Find someone in your industry and make friends. In season one, Ashirogi Muto has a hard time creating a new manga. While waiting for Shujin to write a story, Mashiro was going to work as an assistant to Nizuma Eiji (his rival), and he met with Shukuda and Naima. He learns a lot from them since all of them have something in common, which was draw a manga.

Believe in your passion

Mashiro's very passionate in draw manga since he was a child. Unfortunately, he stopped his interest in drawing manga when his uncle died while drawing a manga. Somehow during high school, he found Shujin invited him to become a mangaka. Since it was his passion, he's unstoppable. He believes in his passion and keeps getting better.

Success requires sacrifice

Success is not easy. It's needed a lot of hard work and tears. Ashirogi Muto sacrifices their life to achieve their dreams. They spent most of their time working on their craft and didn't waste time. Although, Mashiro having up in the hospital because of overwork, he's still working on his manga.

You will become significant if you're practicing every day

Nobody's perfect. An amateur can be a professional. Ashirogi Muto is working so hard to practice their craft. Consistent is the key.


There is no overnight success. Everything takes time to happens and doesn't give up.