The Making Of 5invite

April 26, 2020 (4y ago)

5invite was one of my side projects last year.

There is a trend of digital wedding card invitation in Malaysia. Many wedding card business start providing a digital invitation. One thing that I saw was there are building the invitation by demand (manually). If there’s an order, the business will start working on it.

How it starts

I think that this process can be automated. Instead of building by demand, we can make an online builder with various wedding card themes. This idea sparks my attention to start building. It’s like a website builder for the wedding card niche.

At the same time, my friend keeps hiring me to build a digital wedding card for his client. I realized they want to have a place or UI to see all the wishes from their invitation.


I spent an entire month on building a dashboard prototype with a builder.

Dashboard _dashboard

Builder _builder

I started working on design two wedding templates, which are Poppy and Floral.

Two design _floral-design

The invitation included RSVP and Wishes features. So, the user able to wish anything to the partner or book an RSVP.

Universal Dashboard _center-dashboard

There is a dashboard for the partner to see a list of wishes and RSVP.


There is not much traction yet for the site, but it’s good enough for my portfolio. If you’re interested, feel free to register at