Pokemon Card

February 21, 2021 (3y ago)

There’s a global market for Pokémon cards

Because of the global appeal and popularity of the franchise, trade-in Pokémon cards are alive and well in just about every corner of the world, including in-person conferences and auctionshouses.

This means that if you invest in collectible Pokémon cards and decide it’s time to sell, it won’t be challenging to find a buyer. Despite appearances, the Pokémon card trade is far from a niche interest. The market is liquid.

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There’s an increasing demand for unopened limited edition box sets

It’s not just individual rare cards that are likely to fetch a good return. Box sets are also increasingly challenging to find, which means their value is steadily going up.

Buying cards in bulk and unboxing them during a Livestream has become a popular format for several YouTubers. This month, YouTuber Logan Paul bought a first edition Pokémon card box set for $200,000 to open during a charity stream. The box set didn’t disappoint — Paul found a first edition Charizard card inside the pack, which was worth approximately $40,000 at the time.

If you’re not interested in building a collection and going after specific, valuable cards, investing in box sets is a simple way to make a profit on Pokémon cards without the need to understand the market on a deeper level. Provided the box set is valuable and genuine, you can hold on to it for a while and sell it for a profit without ever opening it.

I saw this news going viral when Logal Paul bought a $200,000 pokemon box. It consists of a 36 booster pack.

The main reason they bought it because the pokemon card is getting valuable. As a fan of pokemon since I was a child, it was entertaining to watch it.

Based on the video, the best scenario you can get is a Charizard card (first edition) that worth — $100k. If you get that, you hit the jackpot. The second one would be a Blastoise.

The second question is why it’s getting valuable 🤔?


Pokemon market worth more than other shows such as Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, and so on.

It keeps rising. Some of the latest Pokemon games had Pokemon Go (RIP) and other Nintendo Switch games.No wonder Nintendo really hold into Pokemon.