My Freelance Stack

February 20, 2021 (3y ago)

Everyone has their set own tools to run their business. I’m going to list all the things I need to run my freelance business.

Everyone has their set own tools to run their business. I’m going to list all the things I need to run my freelance business.


I’m using it to create an invoice, budget, and scheduler. It was created by Jonnie Halman when he was doing freelance.

One of the best features I liked was forecasting and scheduling. It lets you set how much revenue you want to have by the end of the year, and the web application will calculate how much your target is per month.

Its invoice system kind of cool too. It has integrated with Stripe and has an automated reminder.



This is a project management tool. I used it if I need to communicate with my clients or other contractors.

I save all the project assets inside it, such as a to-do list, wireframe, visual design, and some credentials.

I used it to manage my contractors. I liked it because it’s an asynchronous communication by nature. I don’t want to disturb other people, and I don’t like to be bothered too.

They have a client restriction view where you can manage which part the client able to access.


I have a productized service where I provide a virtual assistant for a WordPress website. I used Basecamp and invite my client.

I used the Message Board for the client to post any request they need.

Previously, I used Freshdesk, but it’s overkill for my solo business.

Private Mail

It’s a custom domain service from Namecheap. The reason I used it because it’s cheap 😂.

Previously, I used Gsuite, but I didn’t utilize it enough, and I’ve migrated my email to

It cost around $20 per year for a custom domain.


I hate bookkeeping. Wave apps have a great feature (UI, too!) to record my freelance business transaction.

Luckily, Waveapps have an import data feature where I can import the transactions from CIMB CSV.

By the end of the day, I can generate a Balance sheet, Cash flow, and any other report. It’s going to save your ass when the tax season comes in 😆.


This is a must-have service if you’re managing your finance. I’ve been using it for more than two years for my finance.

It lets you set up a budget for any category. I used it set up a fund for my salary, tax, and other expenses. Having this makes you aware that how many months you can sustain if you’re not working. Having an overview of the buffer will make you calmer.

Pair this software with the Profit First method will make your business finance much better. Let me know if you’re interested to learn how I manage my finance 😄.