Move To Adonisjs

May 11, 2020 (4y ago)

For the past month, I’ve been working on the Menubarforynab. I assume the product name is already self-explained 😄.

I need to build a backend API to connect between the YNAB Oauth and Menubar apps (Electron). The backend currently builds on ExpressJS and Postgres.


I like how light and simple this framework is. You get the barebone of routing and bootstrap server. But things got worse when I want to add a new feature. The controller was getting messy, and the file structure looks weird. I guess too much flexibility is doing good. I miss my Laravel workflow, where you can create a model/controller/DB with a command.

I start to figure out, is there any framework like Laravel for javascript. I found the AdonisJS. Seriously guys, if you’re coming from Laravel or Ruby on Rails and wanna move to Javascript for the backend, this is the best. The command and workflow are pretty similar.


I’ve rebuilt my ExpressJS user module to AdonisJS in such a short time. Currently, I’m rewriting all the modules to AdonisJS.