January 29, 2018 (6y ago)

Last 3 month, I’ve spent most of the time tracking my bitcoin. This is my first time to invest in cryptocurrency. I’m using bitcoin wallet from Luno which it’s the only the fastest way to buy bitcoin.


The problem I found in bitcoin wallet was I don’t how much profit I’ve made. I know the bitcoin keeps going but I don’t how much profit I’ve made. I know the profit can get from a simple mathematics but who the fuck are going to calculate over and over again every single day.


I want to build a tracker website that will calculate how much profit I get. I found out that Luno has their own API ( My things got easier. I just need to build a website to fetch the latest price of bitcoin from Luno and times with my total invested money and minus with the current price.

I’m using AngularJS to build the website and it’s so easy to connect to the HTTP request. I need someplace to store the total invested money value because I don’t want user needs to enter everytime they enter the website. I don’t want to use a database to store a single value.

My approach was to store in the local storage. This was going great as the long user didn’t clear the local storage or clear cache 😅. When,everything’s done I bought a domain from Namecheap and host it on my Linode server.


$2.99 for domain

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