List Of My Idol

March 15, 2018 (6y ago)

Pieter Levels

He’s the one that inspire me to keep building stuff. He doesn’t care about the tech stack. All of his startup was built using plain PHP.

Pieter Levels is one of the indie hacker. He is the one that build a large community website for digital nomad which is Nomad List.

What I learnt from him

Keep building stuff

Previously, he spent most his time to build a web startup but after he launched it, rarely people used and he can’t monetized it. Then, he realized want to build a 1 project per month for 12 months. At 5 or 6 month (I don’t remember), one of his project get a big of success which is NomadList. He only set 1 month to plan, develop and launch it.

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”  - Reid Hoffman

Don’t get hype from the tech world

Now, everyone want to use React, Node, GraphQL, and any new web framework out there. Because of this tech hype, all the new comer will be over bloated with this tech stack and need to decide which one need to learn.

Unlike Pieter, he don’t give a fuck about this tech stack. All of his website was built using plain PHP without any framework (except jQuery). He doesn’t want to spend his time to learn new stuff. He’s not a programmer, he’s a maker. As long he can build the applications, he happily to maintain his tech stack.

Gary Vaynerchuck

If you need motivation for business and happiness. This is the guy you need to follow. He inspired me to keep hustling to achieve my dreams.

Gary Vaynerchuck run a wine business from his dad and increase his sales from 3 Millions to 20 Millions in 3 years. After that, he run a media company which is VaynerMedia.

He always give a talk around the world. The best things is he give advice that he already implement in himself. He don’t talk shit. He is a practical person.

What I learnt from him


He is the one that inspire me to hustle. He is a CEO of big company but everyday he has a VLOG that document his journey. He hustling every single day. Although, he already have a successful career, he keep hustling on his business.

If you have a full-time job 9-5, you are able to work on your side project at night or early morning. Everyone has a time, it all about what you do when you awake.

Self Awareness

Know yourself. It’s not about people around ask you to become, its all about yourself. Have you thought about it? Do you know yourself? Are you focusing on your strength or improving your weakness?

Everyone has their own specialty. Please play it like a poker game. Go all in into your strength. Please double down it. Don’t give a fuck about your weakness. You need to accept who you are. Don’t comparing yourself to others. Everyone has their own talent. That make all of us is unique. You need to accept your weakness and embrace your strength. You don’t need to become someone else, just be yourself.

There is a way to realize your self awareness. First of all, you need to have a clear mind to accept the truth. Find some your close friends or family and ask them what are you strength and weakness. But most of the people not telling the truth, they are telling what you want to be hear. Your job is to make a safe environment for them to make them feels comfortable to tell you.

Don’t Complain

Nobody give a fuck about your feeling - Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck

This people only gives fuck about your complaining was other loser around you.