2018 In Review

January 24, 2019 (5y ago)

Graduate from college

One of the best thing happens to me. I don’t need to go college anymore. I graduated from degree of computer science. Personally, I think that it doesn’t worth it. The reason I takes it because of a culture. Everyone needs to have a degree (at least). College is good to build a network. That’s one of the benefit study in college.



Get a full-time job


Finally, after an internship, I got a full-time job as a Software Developer (Frontend) in the startup in Malacca. The job scope consists of AngularJS, wireframe, and Visual Design. I’m do all the tasks from the design phase, design implementation, and API integration.

Work as a part-time developer

When I finished my internship, I got two full-time offers. The other one is coming from a software agency. Since I’m taking the offer from the startup because the salary is much higher 😂. They’re offering me to work as a part-time freelance in their company. The tech stacks are VueJS and Laravel.


One of the best experiences was working freelance remotely while having a full-time job. Honestly is not an easy task. I work in the company for three months, and I quit. So tempting to do freelance business again.

Thanks to my supervisor for recommending me to this company. I learned a lot.

Moving to Petaling Jaya

My company needs to move to Petaling Jaya from Malacca. Honestly, I still prefer to stay in Malacca because of traffic and the cost of living. It’s cheaper. Somehow, I need to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve been staying in Malacca since I study in college. New place, new experience.

Watch Live Dota Tournament

One of the best moment of my entire life. I’m a big fans of Dota 2. To cheer up my favourite team which is evil genius in tournament is so meaningful. It was a hectic weekend but its worth it. The hype is so fucking real.


Reach sales more than a full-time income

During September 2018, for the first time, my freelance income is more than my salary. I felt so proud of myself 😆.


Daily UI

I started recording a video of designing a UI. It started as one UI for each weekday. My mission is to improve my skill in design and create a content for my personal brand. Unfortunately, it only reached 15 videos. 😂

You can follow me on YouTube



When I was working full-time and having a freelance side hustle, I’ve some money to play around. I came across the forex. I’ve some experience trading cryptocurrency in my free time. I thought it would be the same. Guess what it’s not.

There are a lot of things I need to learn. I try to treat forex as my business, which means its systemize. What I do is I purchase a forex signal from a third-party provider and prepare some fund. On the first day, I earn $100. One of the fastest ways to make money in my entire life.

Guess what; I’m losing all of my funds in one week. My advice is, please learn money management and risk management before starting to trade.

Burnout - September

During October, I felt so useless. In September, I got the highest freelance sales per month of my life, and then suddenly, it’s gone. I can’t reproduce the success again. Maybe I have a high expectation of my goal. I lost my interest in freelance and career. I was laying around on my bed and sleep early every single night. I feel very demotivated.